DRAGON’S DEN ebooks now just $1.99

Now get ebook downloads of DRAGON’S DEN by Terri Branson for just $1.99 at all participating ebook sellers, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and more. You can also still get 99-cent downloads at Smashwords in either EPUB or MOBI. As usual, you can still get FREE Kindle editions with the purchase of the matching paperback on Amazon. Click here to read about the book and to find sales links: https://dragonsincarnate.wordpress.com/dragons-den/

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Get the DRAGON’S DEN ebook for just $0.99 at Smashwords

The EPUB ebook edition of DRAGON’S DEN is now just $0.99 at Smashwords. No discount code to remember. Simply click the yellow discount purchase button. | Read more about the book… | Go to Smashwords listing… |

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Get the DRAGON’S DEN paperback on sale at Lulu

For a limited time, get the paperback edition of DRAGON’S DEN for just $4.79 at Lulu. GO TO LULU PAPERBACK LISTING | READ MORE ABOUT DRAGON’S DEN |

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Dragons Incarnate series overview video on YouTube

CLICK HERE to watch the Dragons Incarnate series short overview video posted on YouTube. Check back soon for more videos and updates. GO TO YOUTUBE…

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Follow the Dragons Incarnate series on Facebook

CLICK HERE to find the Dragons Incarnate science fiction series by Terri Branson on Facebook. LIKE and FOLLOW to get updates, special offers, discounts, and more! GO TO FACEBOOK…

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Sending Book Reviews

To send book reviews to the author, simply fill out the easy contact form on this site. Be sure to include the review text, the reviewer’s name, a review site (if applicable), and a rating (usually 3-5 stars). Some vendors, including Barnes & Noble, require all that in order to post reviews. Although reviews can be posted on Barnes & Noble by the reviewer in question without purchase, verified customer reviews with purchase are always appreciated. GO TO CONTACT FORM…

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Get DRAGON’S DEN ebooks free at Smashwords

For a limited time get free ebook copies of DRAGON’S DEN by Terri Branson at Smashwords. To claim your free copy, click on the “Buy with coupon” yellow button to the right side on the listings page. [Copies are limited. Offer ends July 1st] Read more and find all sales listings | Go to DRAGON’S DEN listing on Smashwords…


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