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For three years Raza has been stuck inside the Dragon’s Den, a military training facility hidden on the icy and isolated world of T’Panabar. There he serves as master of martial arts, counting the days until he can return home. When his father Lord Zara shows up, Raza is sent on a secret mission to find an illegal mining operation. With treachery afoot, Raza must confront the most dangerous dragon incarnate of all: himself.



DRAGON’S DEN [©2014] A Dragons Incarnate novel by Terri Branson | Science Fiction (PG) 104 pages (34,000 words) | Released in print and ebook from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing

Dragon's Den


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“Powerful magic pervades the world of DRAGON’s DEN, and not all of it is meant for good. Raza serves as a master at the training base for the human-like dragons, many of whom carry souls so ancient they can no longer remember their former lives. When the ruling Lord of his house arrives with a young fire dragon in tow, Raza learns of a plot to steal a valuable ore called M-3. The fire dragon, in beautiful human female form, is said to be “passion on one side, claws on the other,” and both distracts and compels Raza in his deadly investigation. Author Terri Branson has created a memorable, in-depth fantasy world with stirring characters, absorbing schemes and exciting action. Highly recommend reading this in preparation for the remainder of the series.” ~ reviewed by Suzi Taylor for Neon Book Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“DRAGON’S DEN easily exceeded my expectations and hit its stride from start to finish. I was enveloped in this science fiction setting and was fascinated by the humanoid dragons and the society they have built for mankind. There is plenty of intrigue, violence, and romance; something for everyone. To say I would recommend DRAGON’S DEN is an understatement and now I want to read more in the universe Terri Branson created.” ~ reviewed by Ryan Gaines for Neon Book Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“Karazamon ‘Raza’ Toa Kalandyn was a 153-year-old dragon. He was 6’6″ tall with black hair, gray eyes, and half-inch long very prominent fangs. Raza was the Master of Martial Arts at the Talakara Temple. He was also a member of the Sooran Guard, the elite warrior class of the temples. As such, he prepared to help his father’s investigation into unauthorized shipments of the mineral with a secret formula: M-3. Mistress Tirakareez Toa Lodicann, Kareez, was a 24-year-old dragon with light brown hair, sapphire eyes, and delicate white fangs. Her name means Little Fire Dragon and her training in martial arts has resulted in a lethal telepath that is true to her name. Kareez also traveled with Raza’s father to the temple to quietly assist with the investigation. Raza does not know his own talents. With his crystal knife, he is the solution to the source of the shipments. Kareez has detected the sorcery and between them, they are a formidable force, that is, if pheromones can stay out of the way. DRAGON’S DEN offers a dragon world for the science fiction aficionado with characters in bright colors right before your eyes in a world so real you need a coat to cut the snowy cold. I am excited to see that more dragons are in the publishing future, because this story is out-of-this-world wonderful. It is hard to wait on pins and needles for the next exciting adventure. These dragons are truly a keeper.” ~ reviewed by Brenda McCoy for CoffeeTime Romance [FIVE STARS]

“DRAGON’S DEN offers a peek inside a space age culture where some humans may have ancient dragon souls. Space ships, intrigue, and psychic phenomena collide in this fascinating and beautifully written sci-fi/fantasy novel.” ~ reviewed by Allen Dale for Neon Book Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“DRAGON’S DEN offers solid characters with a unique blend of science and fantasy. ~ reviewed by R. Slaughter for Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“DRAGON’S DEN is a fascinating science fiction tale infused with paranormal aspects. Good character development and top-notch writing make this small book a satisfying read.” ~ reviewed by Grandma’s Reading Corner [FIVE STARS]